52 Listings in 52 Weeks

Kinder Reese

You Get All This Just For Trying Kinder Reese Inner Circle


This program is designed to take the guesswork out of what you need to do.


It creates clarity that leads to the RIGHT ACTION.


✔️ Learn and understand the why, when, what, where, and how for keeping your listing pipeline full


This is not some conceptual training and coaching stuff done 10 years ago.


This content has been taught to a small group of people who went from buyer focused agents to LISTING MACHINES


This is a roadmap with a weekly implementation coach that guides you Step-by-step.


You will know exactly what to do, when things are not working and you’ll be able to take immediate action.


Every Week we will walk you through the system we used to help agents add 52 additional transactions.


We are sharing what we did when we were the ones responsible for paying the bills.


We’ve dialed in a system for taking over neighborhoods


Automating follow up


And my favorite “Shaking the Tree’s” ​


Now up to this point you could only access this material, without any coaching, if you would have paid me and my partner $12,500 to spend four days learning just a fraction of what’s in the 52 / 52 coaching program to build your listings.


✔️ With The 52/52 coaching program you will learn every lead generation strategy


We can show any agent on any budget how to solve the problem of finding people who want to sell


We made up to 18,000 outbound calls a week and generated 150,000 seller leads



What did we learn? 



✔️ What you should not waste time doing, along with what actually works


✔️ You’ll know exactly what to say to every lead no matter the source


After four days of consuming a faction of this content we’ve taken band new agents and taught them how find homeowners wanting to sale on demand



The Bottom Line



✔️ We show you exactly what's working now. We will walk you though all the systems and best practices


✔️ This coaching program includes weekly calls



Need leads ?



Want to know the right data to call ?


Need to automate your speed of response?


✔️ No problem we’ve got you covered


Have a nurture campaign?


Need to know what to send out to a nurture?


✔️ Emailing it over!


This program is designed to help you turn strangers into listing appointments


Even better it’s going to help you build a database of homeowners that are looking to sell their property


Now this coaching program has never been offered before


The best part is this is not just going to be coaching


✔️ This is training as well


Your either fully trained or partly trained. Our goal is to have you trained like your disarming a bomb. Which translates to getting it done right”.


We're going to train you, coach you, and turn you into a listing machine with this program that you're getting today... FREE.



Bonus 1: Guaranteed Listing System


If you’re doing great with Buyers but you want to build a PREDICABLE Listing Pipeline, this is for you.


Each video is a step-by-step walk through of all the tactics and strategies revealed to build your listing pipeline.


✔️ All swipe files and examples


✔️ Every ad, campaign, and every successful project archived, chronicled, and revealed for you to model


✔️ Behind-the-scenes access to our private client work ( including access to all the tools, systems, campaigns, and data that once was only available to our partners )


Every video is ready for instant access online ...today, FREE!





Bonus 2: Real Estate Agent To CEO


In this video course, you’ll see the TRUTH about scaling your business ...and how you can do much more with less work.


This is a complete walk through of our entire hiring process ...it’s comprised of our strategic planning process, systems and video examples of us going through the process in your own real estate business.


In it you get access to private recordings and live-edited footage of the core training ...all handouts and examples covered are included.


You also get info on every key hire, hiring campaign, and process referenced at the event.


Only 40 people attended this rare and exclusive workshop ...this is advanced content that has never been sold...ANYWHERE!



These Three Gifts Are Worth Over $10,000 But You Get Them FREE Just For Trying My Brand New Coaching Program, Kinder Reese Inner Circle!







This is no ordinary "coaching program".


This is a step-by-step guided action plan ...damn near every WEEK.


I'm not just telling you what to do, I'm actually doing some of it for you ...and PERSONALLY helping you do it!


Here's exactly what you're getting as a member of this elite program...



✔️ Two LIVE Video Conferences Every Month!


Every other week, you and I get on a video conference LIVE with your fellow members for the sole purpose of getting these things done:


✔️ Increasing Your Front End *Immediate* Lead Generation


We’ll do this by uncovering copy tactics that work, design layouts that are converting, new traffic sources and strategies, new campaign sequences, and more.


✔️ Increasing The Number of Listing Appointments


We’ll do this by deploying conversion strategies, websites, e-mails, face-to-face appointments, and more.


I’d be willing to bet the farm that just this one aspect of our work together can totally revolutionize your business and dramatically increase your bottom line.



Bonus 3:  Clarity Report


This is a good, old fashioned, planning ...


You’ll get videos complete with everything you need to create a plan of action every month.


I’m deliberately taking the extra effort (and incurring the extra cost) to get on a call with you every month to help you know exactly what you should focus on to get to the next stage of your business.  


Because I know you’ll get more out of the program if you actually implement what we teach you.


You’ll be notepad in hand - and with direct access to me an Jay to help you know where you should invest your time, and even more importantly where to STOP investing it. 


Every month these calls will be like a hard-core marketing seminar with live interaction, delivered Live and recorded for you to review every single month. 


These type of calls are LOADED with marketing news, forecasts, trends, strategies, tactics, and case studies revealing what’s working RIGHT NOW. …And I think your favorite part of these calls will be






When we are teaching people how to GENERATE MONEY NOW: We will share everything with you which you will “Swipe And Deploy”.


Our stuff is ready to use from employee agreements, ads, email, expired postcards, marketing Campaigns, all handed to you on a silver platter!


Included in your clarity will be the actual execution and planning systems that you can “plug in” to your business right away.


✔️ You get the psychology behind it, the copy framework, the email sequence framework, the follow-up sequence framework, and even a full-fledged process map we’ve created!


And this isn’t some “made up” stuff.


✔️ You’re getting actual access to valuable content and resources that we’ve personally used in our own business, so you know they’re effective.


And to tie it all together, you’re also getting…






Every month we provide new videos for doubling your business. 


Marketing tactics, strategies, and even a campaign that’s working. 


And in order to make 100% sure you can use this stuff - implement it - and see results, I’m also giving you training videos where I personally show you how to use everything I’ve given you. 


You can put them on your computer, upload them to the “cloud”, play them on your phone, your tablet, or anywhere else you want. 


The bottom line is this: I’m not just telling you what to do. I’m personally showing you exactly how to do it. 


And the reason why is because I think this will get you the results you want even faster …and that’s what this program is all about. 


If that’s what you’re looking to accomplish, this training is for you.



Membership Is Just $9.59 Per Day



…Which adds up to $297 a month.


Not prohibitively expensive …but enough to keep the knuckleheads out and enough to keep our membership deliberately small. I don’t want (or need) a huge subscriber base for this program …just the right group of core customers.


Now - this is the point where I’m supposed to tell you how much you’ll love being a member, how much money it’ll make you, and all of that. 


I won’t do that.


Instead …



Let's Do Something Different



How about we just let the value speak for itself?


You're not locked into any contract and you can cancel any time. We're just an email away at support@KinderReese.com


So why not accept these gifts, attend the video conferences and let me help you with your business, deploy the campaigns I send you, and see how it goes?


If you don’t think it’s easily worth twice the investment, fire me.


Just email me, call me, or go to my website to cancel and you’ll never be billed another dime.


You can cancel any time by going to kinderrreese.com/helpdesk or emailing us at support@KinderReese.com


Plus you can keep everything anyway. You don’t have to return anything or jump through hoops - just let me know and I’ll cancel your membership.


52 / 52 trainingGuaranteed Listing System, Our 4-Day ISA bootcamp and our From Agent To CEO training are all yours to keep regardless.


So go ahead and become a member today.


You'll be glad you did!


Thanks so much for taking the time to read this page and I look forward to seeing you on the live video conferences!




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